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Reasons why to join us

To inspire, explore, and experience your birdwatching journey in Costa Rica. With over 25 years of guiding services helping those who seek out unique experiences away from the whirlwind of mainstream tourism. Our company has provided not only uncanny birding tours, we have place face to face thousands of birders, photographers, and ornithologist with truly mind-boggling nature encounters from finding the first-ever Sharpbill nest to having wild Tapir nearly swim with us while birding at the river edges of Tapanti National Park. Costa Rica Birding Journeys is your company if the quest is an impetuous search for beauty, sounds, and intimacy with the rainforest.

We have offered confidence, comfort, and vast knowledge of the natural wealth of the birds in Costa Rica.

Costa Rica Birding Journeys understands the sometimes fine line between different types/categories/interest of birders; we have dedicated decades of leading worldwide birders and learned so much from all of our guests that comes as a client but leaves as a friend.

Birdwatching tours designed to cater to all levels and particular interests from the casual first birders to the more ornithological approach to birdwatching.

Birders who also love taking time to explore Costa Rica’s other amazing biodiversity are a category of their own. We know that they prefer to visit as many different locations at a relaxed pace. Going to major destinations like Monteverde Cloud Forest, Arenal, Tortuguero to mention a few. They are attracted to all wildlife and enjoy equally watching birds and whales at the same time on one of our trips to Osa’s Peninsula.

Sample Itinerary: Birding Arenal

Birdwatching with a more “scientific” interest. We would like to call these birding adventures “ornithological or natural history trips”. Such journeys can well be at any level of birding experience, luxury and could include more well-known national parks to hidden quaint lodges in the middle of lush evergreen forests. Perhaps a large portion of our guests is placed in this category. The offered and tailor-made itineraries are planned accordingly for major natural event

Sample Itinerary: Quetzals, bellbirds and macaws

Birders with targets in mind or twitchers; are after an extensive list of birdlife in any country they have or will visit. Have studied extensively the geography of Costa Rica and above all our gorgeous feathery friends. Itineraries are based on that small or large list and they are willing to sacrifice hotel luxury, although all our hotel/lodge choices offer excellent comfort and delicious meals no matter how deep in the rainforests.

Sample Itinerary: Birds of Paradise

Special needs birdwatching is a new line of services offered since 2019; it’s crucial to our company to leave no one behind. Those future visitors will absolutely love our birding tours. All destinations have been tested to address the physical limitations but above and beyond the amazing birds, results, locations, and overall experience would give them hundreds of new reasons to enjoy the birds of Costa Rica.

Sample Itinerary: Physically Challenged