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“In search for endemics & Resplendent Quetzal”


    Things to consider:

    Talamanca Highlands there is not destination in Costa Rica more fulfilling for endemic birds, although the number of species in the highlands in the country are far less than rainforest lowlands, the exceptional number of endemics far exceeds those ones in areas as Corcovado National Park or La Selva. Hummingbirds, flycatchers, vireos, trogons, wrens, are some the families that had been isolated for millions of years; creating specialization of species therefore endemics. Among some of the most beautiful birds are found the Resplendent Quetzal and perhaps the only place in which can be found all year long. Giant oaks, misty mornings and crispy air are among many of the wonderful things that make this destination a favorite among us…. Birders!

    Birding highlights: Spotted Woodquail, Resplendet Quetzal, Silvery throated Jay, Sulphur winged Parakeet, Dusky nightjar, Costa Rican Pygmy Owl, Buffy Tuftedcheck, Flame throated Warbler, Blue throated Toucanet, Maroon chested ground Dove, Fiery throated Hummingbird

    Daily Itinerary by destination:

    Day 1. Savegre Lodge or Paraiso del Quetzal. Early departure to the Savegre Valley; birding along the road for endemics such as Timberline Wren, Junco Volcano, Volcano Hummingbird, Flame throated Warbler, etc.. Upon arrival lunch and garden birding.

    • All meals included

    Day 2. Savegre Lodge or Paraiso del Quetzal. Birding before breakfast. In Search of Resplendent Quetzal. Early birding in search for always elusive Zeledonia, Tapaculo and Resplendent Quetzal. All day birding at the lodge grounds roadsides, gardens and riveredges.

    • All meals included.

    Day 3. Savegre Lodge or Paraiso del Quetzal. Birding after breakfast to oak forest, were dozens of birds are found in the dense understory or high in the canopy. Redstars, silky flycatchers, woodcreepers, woodquails, becards and some eagles are among others to search for. In the late afternoon we will visit several local spots for endemic warblers. All 3 Birding Days Journeys you need to consider the following: If you are base in San Jose area, please let us know your hotel We most departure no later than 5:30 am (this is in order to avoid heavy concentrations of traffic breakfast is not included therefore try to arrange with your hotel/lodge prior departure We will be above 2500 meters, warm clothing and rain jacket could be need it Return time to your hotel would be after lunch this is in order to prevent getting stocked in traffic for hours. Travel time from San Jose main area to Talamanca’s (1:30hrs)

    • Lunch will be included
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